Stabilized Camera Systems Operator

Nashville, TN

Looking for a camera support guru to join our team to lead our motion support tools.


  • Prep and support Stabilized systems ( Motocrane and Head, Agito, MIA and Collosas
  • Operate Ronin and gimbals on jobs
  • Operate the arms and head of the equipment
  • Work with team to prep and operate on internal and external projects
  • Work with Equipment team on repairs and maintenance of camera support systems
  • Management and care of Robotics, Agito and camera support heads
  • Camera Operate on smaller jobs


  • 4+ years of work experience in camera department
  • Familiar with Motocrane, Agito, Technocrane, Blackarm, Ronin etc…
  • Skilled troubleshooting and creative problem solving
  • Familiar with Cinema camera systems
  • Great communication skills
  • Self starter- have the ability to work independently and innovate
  • Focus Pulling experience
  • Reliable, patient and creative
  • Problem solving
  • High hustle- willing to do what it takes to get it done.
  • Passion of small business and creating growth opportunities.

Gear Seven is a Nashville video production studio specializing in creating branded and commercial video content, short films, and music videos aimed at building an emotional connection with viewers. We collaborate with artists, creative agencies, directors, and production companies to produce video content that attracts, inspires, and connects with a target audience.

  • Full benefits package
  • Salary based on experience

Sound like a fit?

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