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Gear Seven's award-winning video production services produce compelling video marketing, social media content, killer commercials, and must-see music videos. Does your web design need a banner video? Does your national branch require training videos or an explainer video for customers? Gear Seven is a fully stocked video marketing agency and filmmaking collective with years of experience and an impressive reel of past successes.

Our Production Services

We offer full-service video production in Nashville with capabilities in creative direction, supervised edits, sound design, visual effects, motion graphics, and all other steps needed to take a project from ideation to final delivery. Our talented video production team can produce the type of video to accentuate your brand’s latest social media campaign and digital marketing efforts. Gear Seven’s production experts offer valuable insights at every stage of the video production process to complement your company’s media marketing finesse.

Our Process Delivers Amazing Footage

After finding a director to bring your vision to life, our team will execute a seamless production and get you the final deliverables on time and on budget. We appreciate that your social media marketing strategy demands the best looking footage for brand awareness. Gear Seven has the project management expertise to ensure your video content excels. We always deliver an impactful final product geared for tangible results. Whether you're in San Francisco, San Diego, New York, Canada, or even the United Kingdom, we go where the work takes us!

Redefining Excellence: Our Production Company Resources

As a video service provider, our family of interconnected Nashville-based production houses offer a holistic in-house approach to reduce the cost of video production. We'll save you time, money, and stress by integrating all your gear needs, studio space, and specialty tech requirements. Our high-end cameras, video editing mastery, and VR production capabilities are in demand by video production companies across the United States. Do you have a project cost in mind you'd like to discuss? We have everything a clever marketing agency could ask for and all the support to satisfy your content marketing vision.

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Call or email to learn more about our pricing and innovative service offerings. We've delivered projects for some of the most recognizable brands today, including Google, Procter & Gamble, Chevrolet, and Apple Music.

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