Full-Service Video Production: Top Mistakes to Try and Avoid

Video content is essential for marketing in the digital age. It captures attention and effectively conveys your message. However, common mistakes can hinder a video project's completion and overall success.

Every production will have its share of potential challenges to overcome. However, partnering with an experienced production company will help you avoid the common pitfalls.

Understanding Full-Service Video Production

Full-service production companies provide a wide range of services, including everything from storyboard creation and on-set shooting to video editing, motion graphics, and more.

Any professionally shot video is a team effort. When you hire a team that supplies its own shooting facilities, cameras, lenses, lighting, and post-production facilities, you eliminate the need for inviting more outsiders into the process.

When it comes to creative endeavors, the expression about having too many cooks in the kitchen generally rings true.

A company like Gear Seven understands the progression of steps and requirements for each production stage.

Frequent Mistakes in Video Production

Missteps in Pre-Production Planning

Although issues can occur on any set, thorough pre-planning can help you minimize the chances.

First and foremost, it is crucial to clearly define your production goals and target audience before starting. Even the biggest ad agencies are not immune to missing the mark. Inadequate conceptualization and planning during the pre-production stage leads to indecisive decision-making on set and indifferent results that fail to connect with the desired audience.

Second-guessing your intentions on set or in the editing bay can lead to additional shooting, cost overruns, and a compromised final product.

Common Errors Made During the Shooting Process

Technical mistakes made on-set during the shooting process can negatively impact footage quality. Your audience may not necessarily be aware that an error was made, but it won't go unnoticed when the footage gets to post-production.

Common errors include poor lighting, bad audio, shaky footage, improper framing, and inadequate raw footage. Even professional shooters can sometimes overlook the basics. One missed shot can negatively affect the project's success (and budget).

Leaving Room for Text

A common mistake made by startups shooting commercials seems to be not accounting for on-screen text and graphics. When composing shots for product shoots, you need footage designated for logos and other messaging. As such, you'll require B-roll with a portion of the frame devoted to negative space for important graphics to stand out on your product videos and commercial spots.

Maintaining Visual Continuity

The 180-degree rule is film school 101, but it's a rule that is broken frequently. Keeping a sense of visual continuity when you have talent interacting with one another is essential, even if it's only a 30-second ad. If character A on the left is talking to character B on the right, and then suddenly, character B seems to be addressing that same person on the right side of the screen, it's likely because the axis has been crossed. Maintaining a proper sense of direction prevents the shots from feeling disjointed.

Technical failures can occur for many reasons: the crew may be unfamiliar with the best practices, or there could be other constraints. Having to improvise shots (on account of poor planning or equipment compromises) can lead to delays affecting the rest of your shooting day. Rushing through setups to make your day lends itself to those little mistakes that are easy to miss.

Planning for the Unexpected on Location

Even with a proper storyboard, a great crew, and all the necessary equipment, location shooting often places limitations on your time. Rushing haphazardly from one setup to the next lends itself to the types of mistakes mentioned above.  

A production company with its own VR shooting stage can limit the number of sets or outdoor locations you need to arrange.

Post-Production Pitfalls to Avoid

Even after a good shooting day, post-production mistakes can hamper your footage. Poor video editing choices can lead to a confusing cut that fails to convey the intended message. Inadequate use of motion graphics, visual effects, and audio editing can also impact video quality, whether for an internal corporate video or a national campaign. Some of the telltale signs of an amateurish production include:

  • An overreliance on visual effects to compensate for bad footage
  • Improper formatting or exporting of the files (is it for broadcast television or YouTube?)
  • A lack of attention paid to compression rates
  • Bad audio

Partnering with professional video production companies can help you avoid these pitfalls. Seasoned expertise in video editing, motion graphics, and audio editing will enhance the final product, ensuring it is visually appealing and engaging.

How Can a Full-Service Video Production Company Save You from Mistakes?

Choosing the right full-service video production company can save you from the blunders that can sink a commercial, music video, or any other type of video production.

An experienced video production team doesn't require additional third-party service providers to oversee the entire process. A company like Gear Seven works well by collaborating directly with brands to achieve the best results. Our full-service video professionals can streamline the video production process, saving you time and resources.

An intelligent marketing strategy begins and ends with employing the services of a video production company that knows the best way to execute your initial concept and achieve your specific goals.

Need gear? Could your shoot benefit from having a private VR production shooting stage? Do you require post-production expertise? Contact Gear Seven in Nashville today!

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