Directors + Donuts

Want to enjoy some delicious donuts while hearing accomplished creatives in the industry discuss all things film? Directors + Donuts might be the place for you then.

Powered by Gear Seven, Directors + Donuts is an event that the team holds once a month at the Nashville Kitchen Studio. You can expect to grab some tasty Five Daughters donuts and fresh coffee, while hearing all about the featured speaker’s unique processes and experience in the film industry. Whether it's working with claymation, writing treatments, or obtaining funding for a passion project, you can learn about a wide-range of topics from the knowledgeable guests.

Designed to be a place where creatives of all ages can learn from seasoned directors and creatives about their process, it is a great place for making connections while learning about the best ways that one can improve their craft and technique from industry professionals. It has been a huge hit with everyone ranging from recent film graduates to industry professionals looking for tools to add to their skillset.

We have had a wide variety of creatives that have attended so far, a few incudling Matt Delisi, Sean Davé, Connor Carroll, Jeff Venable, Elizabeth Olmstead, and JT McCreery.

At the latest Directors + Donuts, featuring the incredible Jeff Venable, he discussed his process when it comes to working on commercials, and what it was like working with large-scale brands such as NFL and Moon Pies.

The extremely talented Connor Carroll discussed the process of writing treatments and how he saved up funding for his passion project, “Rayleigh Scattering”.

Matt Delisi explained his creative process and how he mastered the unique and intricate art of all things DIY on his projects.

If you are interested in learning more and grabbing a donut, be sure to follow along on our Instagram as we are always announcing new and upcoming Directors + Donuts events!

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