Gear Seven: Not Your Standard Creative Video Production Company

Gear Seven is an award-winning creative video production house in Nashville, Tennessee. Given the wide range of services we provide, we are anything but your standard group of film production professionals. Gear Seven brings a unique, comprehensive approach to every video production project.

We've gained a solid reputation within the industry for our work on campaigns for Pfizer, Amazon, Red Bull, P&G, and Audi. Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity and maximizing value for our clients has bolstered our popularity among content producers nationwide.

When we say, "We do everything," we mean it! At Gear Seven, everything is done in-house. And we're willing to travel wherever you'd like us to be.

The Many Exceptional Services Offered by Gear Seven

Gear Seven specializes in creating engaging marketing videos that captivate the target audience. Every film and video production company will make the same claims, but very few can do it alone.

Gear Seven is the rare hybrid that can and does on a continuing basis.

Creative: We ideate concepts that grab attention and accommodate your budget.

Equipment Acquisition: We have access to the most desirable camera packages, grip kits, production vehicles, cinematic robots, and more.

Production and Post-Production Finesse: We shoot it, cut it, mix it, and send it off for final approvals.

Virtual Soundstage: If we're not out on location, we can recreate the desired environment using our LED volume and VR capabilities.

Although we're capable of handling video production services for everything from corporate videos to keynote presentations, our wheelhouse includes commercial spots, branded content for national brands, and music videos for established stars.

How Does Gear Seven Stand Out from Other Video Companies?

Regarding video production companies, Gear Seven truly stands out from the competition. One call or electronic message sent is all it takes to lock down the skills of a pioneer in digital film production in Tennessee (or anywhere else, for that matter). We provide the studio, the talent, and the equipment!

And the best part? We're located in Nashville, TN, one of the most joyful cities in the U.S., which also happens to be incredibly film-friendly for outside productions. Along with the southern hospitality, you get plenty of free locations, fast and easy permits, tax exemptions, and some pretty sweet grants.

Dealing with a single established entity rather than a series of contractors is a cost-effective stress saver for producers, creative agencies, and marketing executives everywhere.

Gear Seven's creative production team is bolstered by the production gear and specialized film equipment of Shift Dynamics and the VR production space of Arc Studios. This comprehensive package of creativity and production strategy offers all the necessary resources to carry out your production efficiently without any surprises.

This support system for the crew at Gear Seven is all housed under the same roof. How handy is that?

Gear Seven doesn't just boast an accomplished reel of projects for an impressive roster of clients. We have the latest equipment and most coveted resources, including cinema robotics, remote crane arm systems, and a highly desirable VR production stage.

With fewer constraints, Gear Seven can push the creative boundaries that tend to hamper conventional video producers.

We won't speculate on the costs for completion; we'll tell you exactly what's involved, what the scheduling looks like, and how much it will cost with confidence. Every step of the process falls under Gear Seven's domain of expertise.

The Importance of Customization in Video Production

Customization and collaboration are crucial in video production, and Gear Seven understands their significance. Gear Seven ensures that the work is tailored to meet each client's specific needs.  

We're happy to step in at any stage of your project's development.

We take the time to understand the target audience, branding, and marketing goals, resulting in videos that hit the mark. Gear Seven's dedication to customization allows our clients to have videos that reflect their unique identity and message, setting us apart from other video companies that prefer to dictate the terms.

The Role of Creativity and Innovation in Breaking the Norms

Creativity and innovation are at the core of our creative video production process. We believe in breaking the norms, pushing the boundaries, and delivering videos that are fresh, unique, and memorable. We create videos that stand out from the crowd by thinking outside the box. Our commitment to comprehensive creativity and innovation sets us apart.

The Process of Creating High-Quality Videos at Gear Seven

At Gear Seven, creating high-quality videos begins with storyboard development and scriptwriting, ensuring a solid foundation for video production.

The production phase includes filming, reviewing footage, and editing the video to perfection, making sure we hit all the right notes. The production team collaborates with the client or agency throughout the process to achieve the intended vision.

Our process also includes sound effects, music, and graphics, creating a visually captivating final product.

At Gear Seven, we do it all! And not to sound arrogant, but we do everything pretty darn well!

Are You Ready to Partner with Gear Seven?

Partnering with Gear Seven allows companies to leverage the power of video content in their marketing strategy.

We execute video productions that help companies establish brand awareness, increase conversions, and drive social media engagement. Quality videos connect emotionally with the target audience, increasing brand loyalty.

Gear Seven's videos are versatile and suitable for keynote presentations, advertising campaigns, explainer videos, and more. Partnering with Gear Seven gives companies access to a friendly team of video production experts and all the resources necessary to achieve the desired result.

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