Gear Seven Takes on Billboard Music Awards Production in Atlanta

With a creative, full-service approach to video production, Gear Seven is setting new industry standards for delivering fast, cinematic results.

Having established ourselves in Music City, U.S.A., we're accustomed to shooting music videos and branded content for various internationally recognized artists and music-centric brands around Nashville.

However, we recently found ourselves on stage at Truist Park in Atlanta, Georgia, with one of the hottest-selling recording artists in the country for the 2023 Billboard Music Awards – Morgan Wallen.

Gear Seven at the Billboard Music Awards

The Billboard Music Awards are an annual event honoring the most popular artists in music today. Taylor Swift may have had the most nominations on the night of the show (Nov 19th), but country star Morgan Wallen won the most awards, taking home 11 trophies.

Anticipation was high to see this year's "Top Male Artist" in action. That night, Wallen performed his song "'98 Braves" live at Truist Park in Atlanta (current home of the Atlanta Braves). With his top 100 fans in an empty baseball stadium, it was truly a performance to remember.

Gear Seven worked closely with Dick Clark Productions to catpure Wallen and his band's performance live-to-tape before his fans (as well as former Atlanta Braves pitchers John Smoltz and Tom Glavine). The shoot required multiple cameras, Wallen's illuminated stage, a talented crew, and Gear Seven's production resources. We were also on hand to capture Wallen's acceptance speech.

At its core, "'98 Braves" is a reminiscence about a past relationship that fell apart, an analogy to a talented team not winning the big game.

Gear Seven was able to capture an intimate performance on a grand stage. When you connect an appealing musical artist with footage that resonates, you end up with a clip capable of generating hundreds of thousands of views for your social media marketing efforts.  

Why Gear Seven for Music Video Productions in Atlanta?

Gear Seven sits atop many producers' preferred crew lists for music video production. Why? Because we offer big ideas and solve problems without adding to the workload.

We're Close to Atlanta

When you hire Gear Seven for your Atlanta film production, our equipment, personnel, and in-demand virtual production studio are less than a 4-hour drive away (or an hour and 10-minute flight).

We Have Local Contacts

We have a network of contacts and resources in the Atlanta region who can work with an artist's management or record label to flesh out a new or existing creative brief. As an experienced video production agency, we can onboard all the essential on-set personnel and crew right away.

We Do It All

Music video production involves a lot of moving parts. At Gear Seven, every stage is overseen by a cohesive team, saving everyone involved a lot of extra administration and time.

We've Got Proven Chops

With Gear Seven, you're getting a proven team with an established portfolio of music video work. Music videos have been our bread and butter for years.

A Full Service Creative Approach for Shooting Music Videos and Live Performances

We save time on projects because we can bring our own gear down from Nashville from our rental shop, Shift Dynamics. Gear Seven has access to the specialized cranes and dollies that make any performance look even more impressive.

We know exactly what we need for budgeting and shooting ratios because we typically storyboard and edit our own footage! Gear Seven understands the beats we need to hit in the editing room.

Few video production companies can execute these tasks from a project's onset to final delivery as efficiently (and successfully) as Gear Seven.

The Crucial Role of Music Videos in Music Marketing

Music videos are marketing videos!

Our music video production savvy is a strategic tool for creative marketing, brand building, and audience engagement. Music videos are like mini feature films that capture attention, foster positive feedback, and enhance an artist's online presence to attract new fans. Music videos offer an immersive visual experience that amplifies brand/artist identity and drives engagement.

The Filmmakers at Gear Seven Live and Breathe Music

Gear Seven implements the latest filming practices, including VR production (replacing outdated green screen visual effects), motion graphics, and more to enhance the on-screen storytelling. We leverage state-of-the-art equipment and technology for visually striking music video content that brings your concepts to life. Our attention to detail, cinematography prowess, expert sound design, and cinematic flair always make an impression.

If you're ready to conceptualize a piece of music visually, the script writing creatives and innovative videographers at Gear Seven are ready to listen. Give us a shout, Atlanta.

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