Gear Seven Wins Big at the w3 Awards

Here's a question— what do Gear Seven, the U.S. Army Recruiting Command, Bank of America, and the Animals Australia website all have in common?

We were all recognized for excellence in the digital marketing field at the w3 Awards.

The winners were announced on Oct. 4 in New York City, and Gear Seven is proud to say we were the lucky recipients of two awards this year.

The w3 Awards are a prestigious annual event celebrating the year's most innovative websites, podcasts, and apps, along with the best in digital video, mobile, and social marketing. Award recipients are chosen by the illustrious members of the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts (AIVA).

Winning is always a gratifying and humbling experience, but on behalf of the team at Gear Seven, we would like to thank the judges for choosing our projects and calling attention to our work.

Gear Seven Shares Some Good Company

Not only do the w3 Awards feature a wide array of categories for digital creatives from around the globe, but the nominees typically include smaller agencies competing against some of the biggest players in the business.

Recognition by the w3 Awards is a big honor when you're among such esteemed talent. The honorees showcased at this year's w3 Awards delivered some truly remarkable work.

A sampling of the 2022 winners list includes:

The Rewards of Digital Video Production

It's a great feeling when a project comes together. Appeasing the client and the demands of the campaign is always satisfying, but knowing your work is appreciated by industry peers makes it a little extra special.

Celebrations like the w3 Awards offer a chance to reflect on how lucky we are to work in an industry that embodies such a creative spirit. Our work behind the camera is very much a result of the people in front of it, and our two "award-winning" spots exemplify this wonderfully.  

General Video Documentary Short Gold Award

The Switch project, helmed by director JT McCreery, is a perfect showcase for the type of work Gear Seven does best. Gliding camera movements and fluid visuals are all utilized to dramatic effect. While, the video opens with a nostalgic vibe featuring a retro title card and Super 8 aesthetic, it's a poetic profile spotlighting a unique segment of today's youth.  

The rider and bladers' passion, skills, and sincerity elevated the entire shoot. With subject matter this visually arresting, you can truly revel in the process of being a documentarian.

Branded Entertainment-Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Silver Award

Our work for the Stallantis Jeep Wagoneer Juneteenth Designers Video spotlighted the black designers behind the vehicle's luxurious appearance. The concept of passionate individuals expressing their stories through their work struck a chord with our team, and it obviously resonated with the w3 Award judges as well to capture a silver award.

What's Next?

"Award-winning" is always a nice thing to preface your videos with. It's meaningful to be recognized for doing something you enjoy so much, and it's rewarding to see Gear Seven's list of accolades continuing to grow.

We could go on about some of our other achievements, but Gear Seven would rather hear about you and your business. We're happiest while brainstorming on the best ways to shine a spotlight on you.

Sure, awards are nice, but the rewards are better. Collaborating on exciting projects with good people, that's the fuel that continues to inspire us.

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