Gear Seven's Post-Production Services in 6 Steps

At Gear Seven, we do more than brainstorm and capture footage. Our 6-step post-production process ensures your video looks and sounds like a million bucks.

We don't like to think of ourselves as control freaks (perfectionists, maybe), but we do prefer to keep everything in-house for quality control.

In fact, our post-production team will often start their work before the production crew is even back from set.

What's Involved in Post-Production at Gear Seven?

Even the most spectacular footage will fall flat without a talented editor to carry out the director's vision.

Excellent post-production requires technical prowess and attention to detail. It also demands a cohesive plan of attack.

Our talented staff follow a tried and true process that allows us to successfully produce the amount of commercials, videos, and branded content we do at such a high level.

Here are the basics of how things work at the Gear Seven studio.

Step 1: Video Editing

The first thing we do is log the footage. It's hardly the most exciting step, but a necessary one just the same.

Our skilled editors will use their technical expertise and keen eye for detail to assemble all the footage into a first assembly. The result may be an overly long watch, but it's the beginning of what will become the first rough cut.

With caffeine and creative energy flowing through their veins, our editors eventually produce a final cut that's ready to be "picture locked."

Whether you have 30 seconds or three minutes to fill, every frame matters! Our team has developed an eye and an ear for what works and what doesn't. And we use every trick in our digital toolbox to make the footage beautiful and compelling.

Color correcting and color grading provide a uniform look and a distinct feel that accentuates the cinematography.

Here are some of the tools of the trade you'll find our post-production staff working with:

  • DaVinci Resolve
  • Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut
  • Video Editing Computers
  • Ultra Wide Video Monitors
  • Designated Edit + Color Suites

Step 2. Sound Effects Editing

Not every project at Gear Seven is dialogue-heavy, but great audio remains essential to any project we produce.

Our editors use the master template or a smaller digital audio workstation (DAW) template to edit dialogue. They work with OMF/AAF files from the Picture Editor, which include synced raw dialogue and location sound recordings.

Dialogue editing involves trimming, extending clips, adding fades, copy-pasting, swapping takes, and applying audio repair effects.

It's tinkering to the nth degree, but oh so worth it.

Removing inconsistent sounds ensures clean dialogue tracks for the re-recording mixer. A good dialogue edit is crucial for final approvals by the producer and director.

Step 3. Sound Design

Regarding our sound effects design, the team will utilize a part of the larger master template for dragging, dropping, syncing, fading and checking audio files against the picture. Layers of sound effects are used to create soundscapes in line with the director's notes.

Step 4: Audio Mixing and Mastering

Audio mixing and mastering are vital for ensuring a balanced and professional sound. If the final product sounds amateur, the whole project suffers.

Our skilled editors adjust volume levels, enhance clarity, and add effects to audio tracks. They also optimize the audio for different playback devices, complying with industry standards.

With technical expertise in sound engineering, Gear Seven can deliver high-quality audio, providing an exceptional viewing experience.

And that's what Gear Seven is all about.

Step 5: On-Screen Graphics

In this step, we bring out the full potential of your video with graphics and other imagery.

Our technicians don't claim to be the VFX wizards at Industrial Light & Magic, but we have enough chops to add those simple visual elements that grab attention. Informative graphics like titles, lower-thirds, and animated elements are simple enough ways to enhance the storytelling.

We're increasingly discovering that our clients prefer to have their visual elements captured in-camera. At this point, we recommend shooting with the LED Volume at Arc Studios to create all the wild visual elements they need.

Step 5: Deliverables and Quality Checks

We ensure that our deliverables meet all specifications and quality standards. Our editors meticulously scrutinize each frame for errors or inconsistencies. We provide deliverables in various formats, resolutions, and versions to cater to different platforms and devices.

Our rigorous quality checks guarantee a professional final product every time. It's what we do!

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