Gear Seven's Production Execution for Campaigns

You're an agency with a creative strategy for a big client. You've hammered out a script, and all the stakeholders are on board. What's next?

You need a company specializing in all facets of video production that can execute seamless, efficient, scalable, top-tier results on your behalf.

You all know Gear Seven, but what you might not know is our production execution process.

Gear Seven Is a Different Type of Beast

If you require a collaborative video partner, we think you should demand a crew with experience creating their own content marketing for brands. Gear Seven fits the bill.

We don't just shoot and edit projects; we create campaigns that sell.

Step One: A Quick "Get to Know You"

Every project starts with an introductory email or call. Introduce yourself, and we'll do the same.

After that, we'll follow up with a scheduled meeting. Items to be covered include your project's purpose, audience, tone, and primary call to action. We'll also discuss the anticipated delivery method.

Our staff ensures proper communication channels are set up before things get going.

Gear Seven has access to the people, virtual LED shooting stage, production vehicles, specialized shooting technology, and post-production equipment to carry out all aspects of your shoot.

How does our work fit into your pipeline? Let's discuss this.

Step Two: Meet Your Director

Gear Seven has a network of directors; each is familiar with how we work and is pre-vetted by our company. We'll connect you with one of our best and set up a meeting.

Our director will want to understand your vision. Like most directors, they will already have their preferred behind-the-scenes crew in mind, saving you time and energy. Our established crews gel together well on set.

Step Three: Define a Plan

As experienced as we are in the planning and execution of the production phase of shoots, we also need to communicate that strategy well to our clients.

With everyone on board, the next step is to dig into the logistics to establish the project scope.

What is the budget? Who does what? What are the expectations going forth?

With the finalized scripting in place, we can assist with casting and securing the talent (if you choose).

Locations and dates will also need to be finalized.

Our goal is to present a realistic timeline for your project with set milestones and deliverables.

Step Four: Production Execution

When it comes to executing your video production, we're highly adept at the shooting phase.

The logistics that may seem daunting to some are very familiar to us. However, that doesn't make the shooting stage any less exciting; this is the creative fuel we thrive on that continues to motivate our work.

Because we're able to operate our productions with such efficiency, we can spend more time honing in on the visual details and worrying less about the big picture stuff.  

Step Five: Assembly and Post

Gear Seven is very much in our comfort zone by the time we reach the editing phase.

We all know that time is money. That's why we can have our team in Nashville assembling the footage as we shoot it. We promise to keep you updated on our progress throughout the post- production stage.

We never lose sight of the fact that we are carrying out your vision. It's a responsibility we don't take lightly. Your feedback is welcomed and appreciated as we move towards putting the final touches on the project.

Your Hard Work Deserves the Best

We love partnering with creative agencies because they've already done much of the heavy lifting with their clients.

Creatives like you are able to communicate what the project needs to fulfill the overall vision. We speak a similar language and love to collaborate with our fellow creatives.

On the business side, you deserve a video production company with the chops to create something that educates, inspires action, and delivers results for quantifiable reporting,

We think big and act fast.

Gear Seven understands that we're always accountable to you, the client. We'll make your campaign look good to uphold your reputation.

It Pays to be Picky When Choosing a Video Production Crew

There is no shortage of video production companies looking to "partner up" with a reputable company like yours. But many won't be able to offer much more than your in-house video team (if you have one).

Whether you're short on bandwidth or resources, you don't want to worry about micromanaging every detail of your video shoot. You want a self-sufficient crew that knows how to collaborate and take direction.

Gear Seven is happy to oblige. Let's talk soon.

Ready to work together?

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