How Branded Video Content Provides a Big Marketing Win

How Branded Video Content Provides a Big Marketing Win

You go on Youtube to watch one video, but then before you know it, hours have gone by and you have fallen down a video-binge rabbit hole.

Big companies are turning to branded video content to capture the interest of people who are on the hunt for something new to watch. Brands that do it successfully are reaping the benefits by instilling customer confidence, establishing their credibility, and motivating people to look into their products and services. 

So what exactly is branded video content?

The Basics of Branded Video Content

If you're a creative involved in marketing, you likely already have a pretty good idea of what branded video content is all about.

At Gear Seven, we like to think of it as a commercial that doesn't feel salesy or superficial.

When done properly, potential customers may feel like they're watching a documentary or perhaps even a short film. Branded online content is generally concise, engaging and made to garner views from your target audience.

Gear Seven in Nashville has shot a lot of branded video content over the years for some high-profile customers.

In our experience, branded video content contributes significantly to any business marketing campaign. It can be a valuable asset when positioned somewhere near the top of your online sales strategy.

So, how do we go about it?

Branded Video Content Brands and Gear Seven

The branded video content we produce can be described in different ways.

It's visual storytelling. 

It supports brands without looking like a traditional ad. 

Our projects give you insight, yet don't shout instructions. They are sponsored content that are conceived as entertainment content first and foremost.

Our videos may feature a brand's primary product or service, but it is the brand's values that are the main focus.

We understand the nuances of generating cinematography that will command a viewer's attention long enough to leave a lasting impact.

Increasing brand awareness doesn't necessarily have to go solely the traditional route of emphasizing your benefits, features, and promises. When your marketing efforts feel more organic and less strategic, it can be a powerful introduction or reintroduction to your brand.

Imagine your product shown as part of someone's active lifestyle. The person talks about their life. Perhaps there is subtle product placement that creates a positive association. It's self-promotion via branded video content, and when it's executed properly, you'll connect with your audience in a highly effective way.

Branded video content prioritizes audience engagement over driving the sale.

You need a video that resonates with the viewer, and that’s our specialty.

Successful branded video content powers the sales process. It is narrative-driven, piques people's curiosity, and is a decidedly non-disruptive form of marketing. 

What Is the Gear Seven Approach to Branded Video Content?

Although we're able to shoot any type of video content you want, our team has found our niche in commercials, short films, music videos, and yes, branded video content.

The cinematic feel we excel at capturing and the talented pool of directors we employ are a natural fit for branded video production.

Branded Content Videos Should Be a Conversation Starter.

When it comes to making branded video content, we like to think of your video as a conversation between friends. You're sharing a bit of information that a customer may find interesting. And just because you're not trying to be overly pushy, that doesn't mean you can't make it funny or clever.

At Gear Seven, we can help you plan every aspect of your shoot. A big part of our job is helping you establish the correct tone for your video marketing efforts.

Visual Storytelling is Key.

The best branded video content on the internet is emotional. It speaks to it by evoking emotions to clearly express your company's values and philosophy.

The challenge is that your video is competing against every other video online. If your video is too subdued, it could fall flat. What's good on paper may not translate well on a tv, iPhone, or anything with a screen.

This is why a skilled and experienced video production team can be the thing that makes or breaks a project.

The first branded video content you create should be authoritative and compelling. The team at Gear Seven utilizes visual storytelling to create an emotional connection with your target audience.

While everyone is a storyteller at heart, it's the strategy and creativity that drives these stories to be effective. At Gear Seven, our portfolio of projects speaks for itself.

A simple idea communicated well on screen can be a real game changer.

In our branded video content for Gibson, the world-famous maker of guitars, we shot footage of their products being assembled by hand at the factory. The reverence and attention to detail shown in the video helped garner further interest for the brand in the form of clicks. It was designed to appeal to a broad base of music fans, veteran musicians, aspiring guitar players, and even woodworkers and artisans.

The old saying, "show don't tell," certainly applies to branded content.

Audiences today pay attention to what's on their phones. As such, we ensure that our branded video content plays well on all sizes of device screens.

Whether you require a product demo video, professionally shot testimonials, a corporate culture video, or a case study, Gear Serven's services ensure your branded content is ready to impress.

Take a look at a few of the best examples of our branded videos then get in touch to discuss your campaign further.

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