How Did They Get That Shot? Our Chevrolet Commercial‍

Gear Seven recently teamed up with the Weber Shandwick agency to produce a project filled with frenetic, fast-paced shots and tight edits to capture the adventurous spirit of the new 2024 Chevrolet Traverse SUV.

When shooting a product designed for motion, the best option is to let the wheels roll. Sometimes, your best strategy is to put the pedal to the metal and do your best to keep up!

What better way to frame the speed and utility of a powerful new Chevrolet than with a Chevy of your own?

Not to toot our own horn, but the finished video checked all the boxes.

A lot of work and talent is involved in successfully shooting an ad for a national brand, especially one as revered as Chevrolet. But you'll always have an advantage when you possess the right equipment for shooting high-speed subject matter.

Having the Right Equipment for the Job

Gear Seven and special equipment from Shift Dynamics captured the Chevrolet Traverse in fitting style. Our team got behind the wheel of Shift Dynamic's Chevy Silverado 1500 LT Trail Boss to capture the engaging shots necessary to tell the Traverse story. We ended up with the dynamic type of footage commercial editors love.

Not only did the shoot require speed, reliability, and safe handling, but the vehicle demanded a 3-axis dampening system and remote camera arm with the reach and versatility to handle the payload.

With the right customizable camera-mounted system on the top of your vehicle, you can design compelling shots that follow the action without any visible disruptions.

The final result encapsulates everything appealing about the Chevrolet brand, specifically the featured Traverse model.

If high-speed shooting is your thing, check out another recent ad we worked on that captures the liberating feeling of being out on the road.

Gear Seven Is All About Movement

Maintaining access to top-of-the-line pursuit vehicles, camera mounts, and rigging would be a moot point if the team supplying the gear didn't want to ship it out or travel to your location.

Gear Seven loves chasing speed, shooting fast, and going where the action is.

You don't have to be shooting in Tennessee to utilize the creative specialists, camera systems, and specialized equipment located in Nashville.

One call connects you to a company with the camera equipment built for speed. Gear Seven exceeds expectations by successfully traversing borders and working well with other teams.

The Chevrolet spot was a code red project, another testament to our credibility, professionalism, and dedication to helping our customers wherever they may be.  

We Follow the Action

From Louisville, Kentucky, to Miami Beach, Gear Seven distinguishes itself as the total package that's prepared to relocate for your shoot.  

Given the range of high-speed projects we've shot over the years (including commercials for Mitsubishi, Audi, Subaru, and Jeep) and the wide variety of locations where we've been (including Illinois, Colorado, California, and more), there's no company better suited for long-distance shoots.

Our access to the best quality camera gear, post-production facilities, and talent separates Gear Seven from your typical run-of-the-mill video production company or rental house.

An Eye for Any Product

No matter the product or service, our team understands how to zero in on your company's appeal and make it pop off the screen.

Our cinematic approach can be applied to any brand, be it a refreshing beverage, a tasty sandwich, or a spot for a multinational telecommunications company.

Gear Seven doesn't like wasting time. If you're ready to hear more, a quick message is all it takes to get the wheels rolling on your next marketing campaign.

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