How Long Does It Take to Shoot a Commercial for Apple Music?

This ad, featuring country music recording star Thomas Rhett, was created to promote his 2022 album "Where We Started" on Apple Music.

How long do you think it took us to shoot?


Although the planning process involved several weeks, Gear Seven only had about 3 hours to shoot everything when the artist arrived at our studio.

Rooftop set. Recording studio footage. Fluid crane shots. Lots of eyes on the project. 

How did we manage to pull it off? 

Our Process and Resources

Like much of Gear Seven's work, it was a collaborative effort between many talented, hard-working creatives (some in-house and some from outside our inner circle). Partnering with others has always been our strong suit, aided greatly by our well defined communication practices.  

Arc Studios' virtual production LED wall allowed us to recreate the cityscape on stage right next to the music studio set constructed for the clip. Having the photo-realistic backgrounds ready for the day saved countless hours of onset adjustments in terms of lighting and traveling to a separate location. 

Shift Dynamics' provided the technocrane that enabled the shots to flow with minimal setup time and crew. 

Gear Seven's use of post-production camera-to-cloud technology allowed our team to begin editing the footage the same day it was shot. 

In the end, the client ended up with a cut just a few days later. Having the talent, technology, and a suitable shooting space enabled Gear Seven to deliver on our promises. 

The Thomas Rhett spot is just one of many examples where Gear Seven's synergetic approach to video content production paid off big. Not every company has that trifecta of people, gear, and their own virtual production facility. Simply stated, Gear Seven isn't like most other companies. 

When the Call Sheet Has You Worried

When it comes to film and video production, the old expression that time is money rings true. Every minute is costing you in crew salaries, rental equipment, locations, talent, and operating expenses. Gear Seven saves you time and convenience by bundling our services together.

No matter the budget, there is always pressure to get each shot as fast as possible. 

Alas, controlling all the variables on a film set is challenging, and the call sheet can't predict those unforeseen circumstances. 

The only thing you can do as a producer is cross your fingers and hope that the decisions made during pre-production were sane and justified.

Did you hire the right people? Is the location okay? Do you have the right gear?

Believe it or not, there is a way to tilt the odds more in your favor. And it involves contacting Gear Seven. 

Gear Seven Makes Shooting Schedules a Little More Predictable

It's not wrong to say we work fast, but perhaps, "highly efficient" is a better way to describe our mindset and collective work habits. Shooting high volumes in short periods has become a specialty for our crews.  

Working with speed is working with confidence, and that comes with experience. Regarding commercials, branded video content, music videos, and original short films, our team has developed a versatile shorthand that lends itself to faster shoots.  

It's having a tight-knit crew who's familiar with the gear they are using. It's using the latest equipment and having access to the proper lenses, camera rigs, and lighting package that make the subject shine. It's about being comfortable and in control at all stages of production.  

We can only equate it to being a headlining act, like Thomas Rhett, putting on a show. We arrive on stage ready to play. We're tuned up and know the setlist by heart. And most importantly, we love every minute we're performing, and we feed off the energy that's around us. Having a passion for what you do makes all the difference in the world. 

When time is of the essence, think Gear Seven!

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