How to Achieve Big Production Values During a Recession

According to an article from Bloomberg News, “Economists say there is a 7-in-10 likelihood that the US economy will sink into a recession next year.”

Even the largest studios and streaming services are looking at ways to cut down their expenditures. In the advertising world, creatives are figuring out new ways to earn customer trust. More companies are leaning toward the latest technologies to create more personalized streaming experiences for audiences.

Suffice it to say, film and video production isn’t going to stop; however, decision-makers everywhere will be looking at options for cutting their costs drastically.

The More Things Change

Not to say this is anything new— productions are continually seeking new tax incentives for lowering their shooting budgets. However, it is fair to assume there is a new-felt urgency to scale things down.

Everyone will actively seek ways to maintain the status quo while reducing their spending, from the biggest players to the smallest independents. For all those stressed-out executives left calling the shots, the team at Gear Seven has only one thing to say: Welcome to Nashville!

Executing Top-Tier Creative Work on a Tight Budget

Financially speaking, there aren’t too many businesses that can say they had a good year back in 2020.

Gear Seven was tasked with completing projects for clients who would have normally turned to the biggest production houses in LA or NYC for their commercial work. Our ever-present enthusiasm and budget-conscious shooting style ended up winning the bid. However, it was our devoted work ethic and flawless execution that ultimately won the day.

Our commercials for Mitsubishi are indicative of the quality of work we were doing around that time. They are also a testament to the caliber of content we continue to produce. A couple, a car, and our visual imagination. The finished spot exceeded all expectations.

We aspire to achieve the same with every budget we’re afforded. Gear Seven has forged a reputation for lensing exquisite spots without the extravagance and bloat of traditional productions.

The Gear Seven Way: Big Brands. Power Visuals. Small Crews.

As an established digital video production agency, Gear Seven has been the cinematic engine behind everything from award-winning digital shorts to campaigns for international brands. The idea that you need a million dollars to look like a million bucks has never quite fit Gear Seven’s philosophy.

Our music videos, branded content, and TV spots offer just a taste of our capabilities.

The People. The Gear. The Stage.

It’s maybe a little disingenuous to say that we do the best with what we have. Gear Seven owns some of the most desirable digital equipment in the business. Everything a film production, television series, or commercial shoot could ever want is right here.

Along with our partner companies Arc Studios (LED virtual production stage) and Shift Dynamics (high-end cinematic robotics, production vehicles, grip packages, etc.), we offer producers the ultimate deal. And isn’t it fortunate that our home base is Nashville, Tennessee, a historic city in a film-friendly state with generous tax rebates and free locations?

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