How to Get Premium Video Production Directly with Gear Seven

Technology is shaping how people view creative ad agencies and marketing firms. 

Traditional ad agencies are transitioning into tech companies. National brands that used to contract marketing agencies are now employing ad buyers in-house. There is a growing scrutiny in how advertising dollars are being spent. Nobody is saying that the need for creative ideation is going away, far from it. But the traditional creative agency model is starting to evolve. What hasn’t changed is people’s love of video. No matter the industry, customers still crave video content. And this is where Gear Seven excels. 

Gear Seven in Nashville wants to help you narrow your ad work choices. If we can save you a few bucks on your marketing spend, all the better. We love to work with brands directly, negating the need for additional outside creatives. 

Is Video Production Different Than Creative?

Companies are becoming wiser about their marketing requirements and less reliant on an outside agency telling them what to do. Savvy brands that employ their own creative teams understand their customer base better than anyone else. And yet, they often lack the production resources necessary to produce effective campaigns.

And this is where Gear Seven steps in.   

There is a misconception that video production companies only facilitate the production and post-production aspects of a commercial shoot but offer little in the way of creative direction. Gear Seven has anticipated the need for a multi-disciplined service approach by offering pre-production, production, and post-production services for years. 

We Do It All

At Gear Seven, creative filmmaking has always been at the heart of our business. Often, the companies tasked with conducting the shoot know what will work best in terms of direction and visuals. A good video production strategy is all about storytelling. Over the years, Gear Seven has become very good at the process. 

 More video production companies today offer a hybrid that blends creative ideation with the technical aspects of production and post-production. And yet, few can compete with the breadth and depth of Gear Seven’s many resources and services. The caliber of our equipment rentals and virtual production studio far exceeds the majority of video producers out there.

Gear Seven Elevates and Protects the Creative

In a world where teenage YouTubers are celebrities and every local business posts videos about their brand, never underestimate the power of a high-quality production with carefully crafted messaging to stand out from the rest of the noise.

Creative vision is essential, but so is having an outside perspective. Gear Seven has all the tools to work directly with brands across the U.S. You know what your business needs. You understand your audience. Why invite more cooks into the kitchen?

Gear Seven will create video content that interprets your messaging with the correct tone and visuals. From the initial concept to your campaign’s online debut, the finished product will reflect everything you believe in because its creators have direct access to the source: you and your creative in-house team. 

We take direction well, but we’re happy to lead the charge. Gear Seven’s direct-to-brand approach offers a streamlined process that champions unfiltered collaboration. We believe it takes a team to create compelling video content, not more people.  

Simplicity is a beautiful thing.

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