How to Harness the Power of User-Generated Content on Social Media

Who better to speak to the merits of a company's product or services than its customer base? Consumers trust the opinions of other customers.

Whether in the form of testimonials or posted reviews, user-generated content (UGC) is powerful messaging that serves brands well, especially when connected to a specific campaign.

The more authentic and inspirational that customer endorsement is, the greater its impact.

But that doesn't mean you can't have some professional assistance to refine the messaging. After all, selfie videos of real customers can be limited in their storytelling potential.

But if you can tap into UGC messaging with a professional-looking video that humanizes your brand, the more effective your ongoing marketing efforts will be.

How We Drew Attention to Chevrolet

Take a look at our recent TikTok spots for Chevrolet.

Our work features a seamless integration of commercial advertising and testimonial content. Gear Seven incorporates authentic interviews and music with just enough company branding to link it to Chevrolet's song contest.  

Chevrolet pickup trucks are synonymous with country music. Highlighting that connection by sponsoring an original song contest was a natural fit.

What would the second verse of a song called "My Kinda Truck" sound like? The winning entry would be invited to perform at CMA Fest in Nashville. Chevrolet invited UGC content from across the country by teaming up with established contemporary country star Breland to launch the contest.

The winning entry was invited to perform at CMA Fest in Nashville. And that's where Gear Seven jumped in to fill in the visuals, document the contest, and package everything up nicely!

Gear Seven Knows Social Content

Gear Seven has the tools and marketing insights to profile your customers effectively. We can channel their enthusiasm into catchy marketing videos that capture views and take hold of the imagination.

Whether using existing UGC or figuring out new and exciting ways to amplify its messaging, Gear Seven welcomes collaborations. Our staff brings plenty of creativity and digital know-how to the table.

Your Instagram reels and TikTok content should reflect your branding's high standards while maintaining an authentic feel.

We recently sent out camera drop kits to a number of online influencers with the sole purpose of generating material for social media.

Professional post–production capabilities ensure that each post ends up polished to perfection. We work with social framing in mind to match the attitude of the desired audience.  

Show Don't Tell

Companies like Starbucks and GoPro have successfully capitalized on the UGC they receive from enthusiastic customers.

Showing how your brand enriches people's lives is infinitely more effective than telling people how your product benefits them.

Relatable, aspirational individuals are your ideal spokespeople. When it comes to sales, authenticity reigns supreme.

If your marketing can tap into the positive essence of your existing customer base, you'll have a powerful, motivational showcase for your brand.

When Is a Testimonial More Than Just a Testimonial?

As a company that constantly pushes the limits of creativity and technology, Gear Seven is keen to take on all kinds of projects. We're also good at adapting our work for every social platform.

As a professional UGC creator, we can edit and repackage your existing UGC content. We can also help you generate all new content to feature a chosen product or service.

At the end of the day, social media is about people sharing the things that excite them. Gear Seven specializes in showcasing the connection between enthusiastic customers and the brands they endorse.

Thinking Social? Think Gear Seven!

UGC content is a great way to forge a connection with new customers.

Working hard and playing hard is a way of life appreciated and understood by Chevrolet customers. As such, Gear Seven created content that's as much about the goals and dreams of Chevrolet's customer base as it is about the product itself.

We create social content that conforms to the standards of the major platforms. We aim to take your audience from discovery to action in entertaining fashion.  

New partnerships and creative endeavors are music to our ears. Need a production company to help enhance your user-generated content? Look no further.

We're Gear Seven, and we'd love to meet you.

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