If It Moves Fast, We’ll Capture It: Think Gear Seven for Sports

Managing light and movement creatively is the essence of what we do here at Gear Seven. Our blending of sight, sound, and creative energy has proven to be a potent mix for scoring people’s attention. 

With an eye for framing, imagination, and an assortment of high-end gear not to be outdone, Gear Seven has established itself as one of the best video productions companies around. Not just in Nashville, Tennessee, but nationwide. 

If you can make fried chicken the star of your commercial or tell the story of a sneaker without saying a word, you know your visuals are on point.

Not only do we excel at bringing stationary objects to life, but we earned a reputation for making speed and motion meaningful. If you have an athletic event to promote or a product with a sports angle, our team will make all the right moves. 

When we shoot. You score!

The Players


If you haven’t heard, Gear Seven isn’t just a collective of digital filmmakers. Gear Seven’s roster of producers and directors boast a high marketing IQ. Our talented staff know how to shoot and cut video that sparks attention for national brands. 

We’ve shot projects for multiple high-profile clients Red Bull and the Tennessee Titans of the NFL.

The Projects

Whether at the skate park or inside the boxing ring, Gear Seven puts you in the middle of the action and inside the mindset of the athlete. Here’s a few samples of our award-winning work. 

Extreme Sports: The short film Switch allows the viewer to glide through a skateboarding park to share in the exhilaration and freedom of the young subjects. 

BMX Biking: The thrill of flying through the air on two wheels is uniquely depicted in this video for Red Bull. 

Boxing: Sports are captivating for the stories they tell. Gear Seven’s Shadows of Greatness visually defines the perseverance present within all great athletes. 

Fencing/Rugby/Wrestling/Gymnastics: Athletic competition in all forms has a way of inspiring people. Gear Seven’s Watch Me clip perfectly encapsulates the drive and determination that fuels all sport.

Football: There’s nothing like the opening moments of a contest where athletes square off in a battle to win. The Tennessee Titans called on Gear Seven to pump up the fans with a spectacular game opener. 

The Equipment

Gear Seven’s pooled resources include state-of-the-art production equipment designed for meticulous camera motion. Our partners at Shift Dynamics provide us with the premium lenses, cameras, dollies, and tracking equipment necessary for flawless footage of live events. 

For example, our free-roaming, remote-controlled Agito Sports dolly is capable of following alongside activities at speeds up to 32 miles per hour!. Whether capturing Titans on turf, Predators on the ice, or Grizzlies on the court, Gear Seven brings the action up close in dramatic fashion. 

The Venue

Arc Studio is our production studio environment where we can unleash our creativity in the virtual LED realm. With our on-site LED volume in Nashville, we can recreate any stadium in the entire world. It’s a perfect location for interviews with athletes for sports documentaries, player bios, or any other marketing purpose. 

Well Suited for Sports and Athletics

Whether promoting your league, your team, or an upcoming athletic event, nothing captures the emotion of competition like high-end video from Gear Seven. 


From commercials and short films to branded content, our portfolio of work speaks for itself. Throughout the years we’ve produced content featuring all kinds of sporting activities. 

Our home base may be in Nashville, but that doesn’t mean we don’t mind being the visiting team. Gear Seven has traveled extensively across the country. We go where the work takes us. 

Our team has the experience, equipment, and sensibilities to present your sport with the most impact. Contact us today to get started.

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