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*Originally published by Entrepreneurs Break ( on May 18th, 2022.

Hi, We’re Gear Seven a Video Production Company

Gear Seven is a video production company in Nashville, TN, but more importantly, Gear Seven is a team of creatives who use their skills to create innovative solutions to creative problems. From commercials, and branded content, to music videos and live performance sessions, we can help you.

Using a powerful combination of our thriving network and years of experience, paired with the most technologically advanced resources, our results will help your company or project see results. By looking past the obvious, and pushing forward with bold ideas Gear Seven will not only help your business stand out, but we’ll also help you reach your creative goals and dreams.

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The world of commercials has changed in the past decade. Commercials come in many formats, and there is not a one size fits all when it comes to crafting the perfect commercial for your company, product, or brand. With full-service production and post-production, from car-to-car motion control, robotics, celebrity features, and more we can make what you want happen. We’ve worked with huge global brands you know, like Tik Tok, and  Apple Music, brands that have a market cornered like Huggies, and brands that are well known and loved in their industries like Birchbox.

Branded Content

From recruitment videos, to tourism, to training, branded content is essential for many aspects of business and marketing. Whether you need a company profile, a polished interview series, or  B2B videos that increase engagement, we will work with you to create a narrative-rich, engaging video that showcases your brand’s unique narrative.


With an official narrative music video, promotion material for your next single or album, or a performance session, Gear Seven will craft the perfect visual showcase for your music. As storytellers ourselves, we know how important narrative is.

Unparalleled Results

We create videos that meet all of your goals, and exceed your expectations. We have the two things needed to create exceptional video. World-class equipment, and experienced, passionate directors.

We are the best team available to deliver a dynamic, professional video experience. Having access to top quality equipment is one thing. Knowing how to use the equipment to capture quality shots, and edit a polished final product that both your company, and our company will be proud of is another.

Putting your trust in another company to craft a final product you will be excited to showcase can be hard, but we make it easy. We know that you have high standards that need industry experience and high quality equipment to create your final vision.

The global market is heavily saturated with great content. It is very easy for audiences to click on, and click off in a matter of seconds. Gear Seven is one of the best teams available in Nashville. We love what we do, and we truly love being part of our film community.

We would love to learn more about your brand or company, and your vision. Call or email us anytime.

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