Nashville Entertainment: Knowing How to Capture the Moment

Nashville, TN, is a city abuzz with bustling energy and a toe-tapping rhythm.

Gear Seven is a leading player in Nashville's music video scene and has developed a reputation for its innovative production approach. Our team excels at showcasing our clients' talent and natural appeal on screen.

Whether it's a corporate presentation or a sporting event, we have the expertise to capture captivating moments that grab an audience's attention.

Gear Seven: The Art of Capturing Live Performances

A well-shot video captures an event's excitement, emotion, and atmosphere.

Professional video documentation for national brands demands a team used to working with A-list performers and high-pressure situations. It's even better if that crew has access to the latest high-end equipment and studio resources where the talent can play.

A Deep Dive into Gear Seven's Portfolio

Our video portfolio showcases our ability to adapt to different styles and requirements. It includes music videos, promotional work, television spots, and more.

At Gear Seven, each video is meticulously tailored to our client's vision and goals, resulting in captivating content fine-tuned for their audience. Whether you need live streaming or crew support for your event, Gear Seven can assist you.

Music Videos and Live Performances

When promoting your musical career, you need to be visible. If the goal is to nab attention and showcase your style for the world to see, a music video is a great starting point. Musicians today are happy to perform their music in front of the camera if it means wider exposure to new fans.

Music videos put a face to the music and allow audiences to access music content in new ways.

During the pandemic, when musical performances in front of live audiences were off the table, The Late Late Show with James Cordon featured country artist Gabby Barrett using a pre-recorded music video shot by Gear Seven.

Our crew kept the "live" experience using a single, uninterrupted shot. The moving camera maintained an intimate feel without becoming a distracting element, and the draped mini lights illuminating the set tied into the golden aesthetic of her "Goldmine" album.  

Segments and Filler

"Capturing the moment" doesn't necessarily mean broadcasting it live as it happens; it also entails capturing the content that will complement your live event.

The stage at Arc Studios and its LED Volume served as the backdrop for the 2023 CMT Music Awards. It provided a more intimate setting than the red carpet and proved effective at putting the invited musicians at ease.

Speaking of popular Nashville entertainment, the Tennessee Titans required a game opener video to excite their fans. Gear Seven managed to capture the intensity and adrenalin of the game for our hometown team.

Keynote Addresses

Performers and athletes feel the thrill of entertaining fans on a grand stage. Similarly, your company's CEO shouldn't feel any different when addressing their employees and stakeholders.

Gear Seven can assist with live streaming or broadcasting, ensuring you present your best image.

With the right studio, crew, and technical advancements, you won't need a large venue to create a magnificent stage experience (although Nashville is home to the renowned Ryman Auditorium should you prefer).

Whether it's a trade show or town hall meeting, Gear Seven will showcase your business activities with impressive results. Trust the professionals at Gear Seven to capture those grand moments that Nashville is known for.

Why Choose Our Video Production Company for Your Event?

Gear Seven is Nashville's top choice for event videography. Our skilled and professional team captures every moment with precision and creativity. With exceptional attention to detail, Gear Seven ensures flawless documentation of your event, performance, or grand spectacle so you can post about your activities across the various social platforms.

The Best of Tennessee! From Lower Broadway to Jack Daniel's Whiskey

Not only do we have the facilities, crew, and best locations to capture your perfect moment right here in Nashville, but there's plenty to see elsewhere across the state.

A trip to Graceland in Memphis, TN, or a visit to Lynchburg, TN, for a tour of Jack Daniel's distillery can be mighty inspiring.

Our video crew can capture the exuberant energy of downtown Nashville or the stateliness of iconic venues like the Grand Ole Opry House, the Country Music Hall of Fame, or the Johnny Cash Museum.

Nashville is a beautiful place to shoot and a fantastic site for your next video production. You'll have plenty to do and see if you choose to host your event in Nashville.

Music City Is Home to More Than Just Nashville Entertainment

Gear Seven specializes in capturing Nashville's entertainment scene through its excellence in video production.

With an impressive portfolio of live music performances, sporting events, and corporate presentations, Gear Seven has documented plenty of incredible performances embodying Nashville's vibrant culture.

Let us make your moment shine just as bright as the signs on Lower Broadway.

You don't have to be a country music celebrity like Dolly Parton or Willie Nelson to feel like a star in Nashville.

Just call Gear Seven for your next production.

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