Tasty Food and Beverage Commercials Done Right with Gear Seven

It's no accident that you feel hungry after watching a fast food commercial. A lot of skill goes into making that dish or drink look so appealing.

Gear Seven should know. We've shot a variety of food commercials over the years. In fact, we even have a specially designed kitchen studio setup for just such occasions.

When you're located in a hotbed of southern culinary delights like Nashville, it's natural that you have a strong eye for what good food looks like. Cuisine, just like music, is a big part of Tennessee culture.

Our clients have mastered the art of satisfying people's cravings. Gear Seven excels in delicious visuals, and our team makes burgers and beverages look cinematic and beautiful.

Cooking Up Impressions for Major Brands  

At Gear Seven, our storytelling stirs emotions, but it's our visuals that stimulate the senses.

Many brands focus on the lifestyle associated with their product. Gear Seven makes your product the star attraction by capturing its essence in vivid detail.

Over the years, we've worked with various national and international food companies and beverage brands. Here are two commercial spots that showcase our mastery of tantalizing the taste buds.


Hardees gets a gold star in our books for the quality of their sandwiches.

When it comes to instant gratification, you want your food hot, fresh, and loaded with flavor. When expressing your brand's value proposition, you must put it front and center for all to see.

Consumers may not appreciate how our lighting accentuates the edge of a beef patty, but they do understand the hunger they feel every time they see the ad.

Jack Daniel's

Jack Daniels is an iconic brand; it's also an experience. For our spot, we documented the act of pouring it into a glass.

To do that properly requires a special camera setup capable of capturing super slow motion. And when you're shooting at 1,000 frames per second, you need to be incredibly precise in how that camera is moved.

Accurate camera positioning, controlled lighting, and repeatable movements are necessary when shooting food and beverages in close-up detail.

Like a master chef or an expert distiller, our seasoned crew employs the finest tools and processes for the best results.

The simple act of pouring from a bottle into a glass can be incredibly complex. Which angle is best? What frame rate do you shoot? How best to light it? When do you cut away? These are the types of decisions we specialize in making.  

Robotics for Food

Our cinematic robots allow us to capture dynamic camera movements with repeatable precision.

Every drop, every drip, and every bead of condensation needs to be immaculate.

Who better to turn to for motorized precision expertise than the masterminds at Motorized Precision? Gear Seven's supplying partner, Shift Dynamics, carries two cinema robot models: the MIA and the Colossus.

The MIA is great when shooting on smaller sets, and is especially great for tabletop work. It enables intricate tracking, panning, and tilting on various axes that would prove impossible with conventional camera setups.

How do you physically move the camera from a wide shot to an extreme macro in seconds? The Colossus arm, with its 14 feet of height and 10-foot reach, extends the creative possibilities on set.

The Vision Behind the Technology

For all the cinema robotics Gear Seven has at its disposal, you still require human creativity to fulfill a brand's vision.

You've probably heard stories about the problems associated with diva actors, but that's nothing compared to a fully loaded burger with lettuce that is starting to wilt under the heat of your set’s lighting.

In an industry where one programmed camera move can take hours, you need an experienced director at the helm.  

Gear Seven has talents like Courtney Dixon, Marion Favier, and Jeff Venable, all of whom have done amazing spots for some of today’s most recognizable brands.

Gear Seven has the recipe for capturing delicious visions in-camera. Whatever your brand may be, Gear Seven creates the visual cues that will keep your product top of mind whenever it’s time to eat.  

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