The 4 Things That Make Gear Seven a 10 for Video Production

As a full-service digital video production company, Gear Seven has access to some of the best equipment, studio facilities, and crews... and not just in Music City, but all over the nation. However, the fact that we're located in Nashville (a creative, artist-friendly city) just feels like another ace up our sleeve.

But to succeed in such a competitive industry, you need a cohesive team of players. If you don't have the right people, all the advantages in the world won't help you. Our people and team here at Gear Seven are passionate about filmmaking and storytelling, while also sharing a similar work ethic.  

Influencing how we work and explaining why we've remained so consistent over the years, here are the four key pillars of our business:

SPEED: Working Fast Is Important

Our people are pragmatic and focused. We enjoy working fast, which should never be confused with working carelessly. We appreciate what's involved in completing your day on budget and within the guardrails of time. That viewpoint drives our decision-making, no matter who the client may be.

When you bring your project to Gear Seven, you won't find anyone dragging their heels. Our team is tight, cohesive, and well-versed in all aspects of digital video production, and it's a good thing because we tend to be "pedal-to-the-medal" once the project gets the green light.  

With our roster of talent and all the resources at our disposal, we're able to ramp up production efficiently and comfortably. We're a well-oiled machine ready to keep pace with your desired deadline, by providing clear timelines and delivering on promised milestones.

Wherever we're shooting, our camera-to-cloud technology and in-house editors and colorists get the post-production process started quickly and swiftly. The technology certainly helps, but it’s ultimately our staff that sets the pace.  

SCALE: Meeting the Demands of Any Production

We're an accommodating group of people that believe in cooperation. Being fast and efficient allows us to think big. It enables us to say "yes" more often to clients, and we have the talent and experience to back up the exuberance we always bring to the table.  

Gear Seven is comfortable working with crews and budgets of any size. The ability to scale our approach for the needs of the production has always been a strength. It served us well when we first started out, and it continues to inform our work today.

We adapt our services to meet your budget and creative vision, and we’ll conform to any special requirements while on set (Covid protocols, etc.). Rest assured, this capacity extends outside Tennessee, and we're not bound by geographical limits.

We’ll rise to any challenge.

SUPPORT: Providing the Right Amount of Assistance

Our team is empathetic and passionate. We know how important executing your vision is to you.

Gear Seven is the video company to call if you need someone to support your production. We’ll oversee the entire production from conception to completion. All that to be said, if you don't need us to quarterback your entire shoot, that's okay too. We may be perfectionists, but we're not control freaks. We're flattered when called upon for assistance with second-unit work or any other video production requests.

When you do call on us to take the vision from start to finish, we have all the support you need to make it happen. From cinematic robots to our virtual production studio and everything in between, our in-house resources provide the support to make the dream come to life.

SPECIALIZING: Defining What We Do

Over the years, Gear Seven has excelled in the digital video world because we've carved out a comfortable niche in the industry.

We've become a preferred partner for some of the top brands in the automotive sector and the food and beverage industry over the years. We're known for producing commercials, music videos, branded content, documentaries, and specialized virtual production work. Short-form videos remain our focus, but that is a broad category when it comes to advertising and digital content.

When you need your product to look good (be it a luxury SUV or a side of fries), you call in the people who make digital videos exceptional!

We’re quick, adaptable, supportive, and we do what we do very well. The four pillars will continue to define our process.

We have people. We know people. We get things done.

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