The Nashville Video Production Company That's Changing the Rules

Many local productions and shoots over the last few years hav likely rented some equipment from Shift Dynamics.

If someone has looked up creative video agencies to work with in the Nashville area, they've probably come across the video production company Gear Seven.

Of course, a production may only be in Nashville to utilize the city's newly revamped virtual production studio space, Arc Studios.

Out-of-state producers and production managers may not realize that all three companies operate under the same umbrella. When you hire one of these companies, you have the resources of all three at your disposal. It's a complete service package in a city full of fantastic filming locations.

This conglomeration of talent and technology is transforming Music City into a film and video production hub.

It's a bold strategy that has paid off for the Nashville filmmakers.

Nashville Is Becoming a Hot Spot for Film & Video Production

The three companies mentioned offer a complete package of production know-how in a city full of fantastic filming locations. Nashville, TN, is earning a reputation as a film-friendly town.

There's something very cool happening just outside downtown Nashville. The referenced companies are all located at 11 Willow Street, just down the way from the Tennessee Central Railway Museum. This is where Gear Seven and its partnering companies converge. It's a beehive of activity with a trifecta of film and video production expertise. All your shooting needs are covered.

Their collective efforts have featured prominently in national spots for major brands. Each division has earned its credentials with countless music videos, national advertising campaigns, and award-winning short films. Each branch has contributed to work utilized by some of the biggest companies, including Apple Music, Amazon, Google, Audi, and many others.

A Unified Approach for Bringing Film Projects to Life

When you want full-service production service, that's precisely what you get when you contact Gear Seven.

Gear Seven can shoot and cut a music video or a commercial spot for you. Shift Dynamics will supply the equipment you need to make it happen. Arc Studios can provide the sound stage, big screen, and virtual production expertise should you require a studio set or a giant LED backdrop.

Back in the day, it used to be the city's iconic filming locations, like the Ryman Auditorium, that was the big draw for producers. Today it's the widespread attention being generated amongst industry insiders. People outside the state are starting to take note of the quality of work coming out of this famous location.

The state's tax incentives and tax exemptions for visiting film and video productions have also contributed to the increased interest in production that Nashville is seeing.

Nashville is a famous city and entertainment capital full of fantastic locations and iconic buildings (from the Bluebird Cafe and Music Row to the Grand Old Opry). It can now boast about its cutting-edge film and video work capacity.

Do You Have an Upcoming Production?

Nashville is more than a location for live music. It is home to one of the country's leading film and video production facilities.

Shift Dynamics, Gear Seven, and Arc Studios have pooled their collective talents to create a powerhouse of production capabilities.

The old expression, "Jack of all trades, master of none," does not apply here. The thought process in Nashville seems to be to master everything! Their skill sets and resources cover every aspect of digital film production.

If you've got an upcoming shoot, contact Gear Seven and start making plans today.

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