What Defines a Full-Service Film and Video Production Company?

A lot of video production companies in Nashville and elsewhere claim they can do it all.

That may be, but it can also mean that they are a video production team willing to take on any video project thrown their way. This doesn't mean they are capable of handling the workload themselves.

Crafting professionally produced video content that digital marketers can use for national campaigns and event presentations involves a lot of resources. Product videos that capture people's attention require more than a good camera and post-production software.

When searching for a team that can do it all, look no further than Nashville video production company Gear Seven. We are a full-service production company bursting with big ideas to enhance your events, advertising, music videos, and other film production work.

Gear Seven Offers Full-Service Video Production

The process of achieving your creative vision is smoother and more predictable when everything is done in-house. Bring us your idea, and we'll communicate it visually with streamlined precision. Need a concept to represent your brand? The job of making our clients look good is always a top priority.

Producers and advertising agencies love partnering with Gear Seven because our vast network of resources can be tapped into at any point in the production or post-production process.

Gear Seven's range of services has you covered; we'll never outsource your vision to a random vendor. When you have the best staff, equipment, and studios at your disposal, why would you have to?

Our dedicated producers and directors carry their passion for the work from the initial concept to your final cut. We produce finished products that truly deliver.

In addition to Gear Seven's team of experienced producers and directors, our partner companies Shift Dynamics and Arc Studios, allow us to use the latest innovations in the industry.

Top-of-the-Line Cinematography and Visuals

Projects designed for mass appeal require more than a clever script. You need the gear to execute your concept to perfection. This means considering the different types of cameras and lenses available. Captivating videos also demand different options for moving the camera around, in the studio or at the chosen location.

Shift Dynamics has everything major film productions require to complete production, including a wide array of production vehicles and camera mounts. And when we say we can provide you with a set of wheels, we're talking Mercedes-Benz-style luxury and power.

From dollies and tracks to robotic arms for motion control, we don't just carry everything you might need; we have those hard-to-find items that will elevate the quality of any film or video project.

We've discovered that this wide selection of gear makes producing commercials and assorted media much more efficient.

Cutting-Edge and Cost-Effective Studio Production

Green screen work has been around for decades and has been used in some of the biggest motion pictures ever made. Nowadays, everyone is looking to book studios featuring an LED screen for virtual production.

The 1,000 LED screen at our Nashville location, Arc Studios, replaces green screens, complicated VFX shots, and expensive location shooting. Creatives love capturing their vision in real-time with photorealistic results.

Regardless of your project type, whether it's a music video, branded content for your website, or a feature film, our team can virtually create any environment you want.

Narrow Your Many Choices Down to One: Choose Gear Seven!

Why keep browsing for your next video production company? We have the people, the gear, and the studio space producers love.

Gear Seven is available for work across the country. But we're happy to host your production here in beautiful Nashville.

View our work and let us know if you see something you like.

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