Bram VanderMark

Growing up as the son of a studio artist, I learned the value of art, of colors and composition, emotion and meaning, and the power a beautiful image carries. Living in the countryside of rural Missouri while being raised by a creative Dutch father taught me to feel comfortable and at home with the converging of disparate ideas, cultures, thoughts, and perspectives. I cut my teeth in the live performance music space, fell in love with directing, and began to explore other kinds of expressions through film. While I deeply enjoy collaborating with musicians, working with actors is my favorite thing to be doing on a film set. I'm inspired by classic filmmakers like Tarkovsky and Bergman, and enjoy tackling stories that engage with the world in a meditative and grounded way.

Apart from my work in film, I enjoy learning about coffee, clocking the miles on my road bike, embedding deeper the city of New York and the people here, laughing and quality time with friends and family, reading (memoirs especially), and understanding the way of life that Jesus teaches.

Originally from St. Louis, MO, I now live and work in New York City.

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