Dwayne Logan

It’s often said of Dwayne, that he must have lived several lifetimes. Spend some time with him and you will likely feel the same way. A Chicago native, Dwayne is a filmmaker that has a passion for telling stories that unflinchingly look into the depths of the human experience, crafting moving narratives that invite viewers to a state of introspection.

An extensive background in dance, music production and athletics, undeniably appear in his creatives, as you’ll often find him infusing rhythm and movement into projects in unique ways. Decades of coaching and mentoring children also give Dwayne the unique ability to connect with on camera talent and audiences of all ages.

Dwayne’s ability to solve complex logistical challenges while leading and motivating a film crew without losing an infectious smile, made him one of the most sought-after commercial Assistant Directors (DGA CQL) across the U.S. His wealth of invaluable on set knowledge has been called upon for productions featuring a wide variety of notable artists, directors, ad agencies, and clients. This combination of skills makes Dwayne a director that not only understands how to bring an artistic vision to life, but one who can also execute with a mind that is grounded in the realities of production, understanding how to get the most out of a crew, a schedule, a budget, a script and an actor.

Dwayne is the son of a professional artist but remains a craftsman in his own right. He possesses a deep love for architecture, carpentry, fashion, and fine art. As a beloved and talented film community leader turned breakout Director with a refreshing perspective, Dwayne is poised to leave an indelible mark on every project that he touches.

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