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Are You "Searching Video Production Chicago"?
Are You "Searching Video Production Chicago"?

When it comes to finding a video production company, it's not like ordering a pizza. You don't always have to use a local provider.

Sure, it's nice to be able to support hometown talent, but what if the video production company down the street is unavailable?

Maybe you've checked out some of the local video production companies' online portfolios, and you're not impressed with what you see. Perhaps the second city you should be looking at is Nashville, Tennessee.

Nashville is home to Gear Seven, a full-service digital video production company capable of fulfilling all your video content needs.

Why Gear Seven for Video Production Services?

Gear Seven isn't Chicago-based; however, we've been called upon to work in the Windy City before.

In today's digital marketing world, videos are shared online, meetings are held over zoom calls, and clients, third-party vendors, and staff are located across the globe.

We live in a golden age of video production, and Gear Seven is leading the charge.

Gear Seven and its partnering companies (Arc Studios and Shift Dynamics) have shot award-winning commercials and digital content for brands including Mitsubishi, Audi, Pfizer, Amazon, Huggies, and RedBull.

Chicago is home to some of the world's biggest and brightest advertising agencies, which is why Gear Seven is throwing our name into the hat.

Chicago Creatives Now Have Another Choice for Video Production 

Gear Seven's film and video production services cover all areas. Our production capabilities make us a one-stop shop for shoots requiring virtual production shots (with the help of Arc Studios), complex camera movements (thanks to the pursuit vehicles and cinema robotics at Shift Dynamics), VFX work, and footage with a lot of speed. Gear Seven is operating at the nexus of high-end video production today.

  • Corporate videos
  • Commercials
  • Music video production
  • Film and video production services for companies of any size
  • Short video work 
  • Full-service video production for digital marketing 
  • Branded video

At Gear Seven, we create content that's cinematic in scope. If your project could benefit from some fresh innovation, our team in Nashville is ready to go. 

Whether we're dealing with small business owners or we've been tasked with shooting a high-profile social media marketing campaign, Gear Seven's goal is to make the message memorable.

Talent and Video Production Equipment of the Highest Quality

To entertain today's marketing-savvy customers, your brand needs to excel visually. Our videos are designed to pop on social media, drive awareness, and express your brand story in the most compelling way. A well-done video can take on a life of its own. Be picky about the social media content you post, Chicago. 

Gear Seven offers a roster of top directors, cutting-edge equipment (including pursuit vehicles, Technocrane products, and robotic arms), and access to one of the country's top LED virtual production stages.

Gear Seven offers the services necessary to complete your pre-production, production, and post-production without delay.

A Different Type of Film Production Company

Let us know your budget, and our highly-skilled team will devise a plan. At Gear Seven, top-tier video is what we offer. But it's how we get things done that sets us apart.

  • We create quality content that clicks with your audience no matter the budget
  • We produce authentic storytelling with stellar visuals
  • The brand films we make are as eclectic as the creatives we work with
  • The resources we have at our disposal are unparalleled in the industry

Come on, Chicago, let's collaborate!

Awards & Recognition

2022 Inc. 5000

List of Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America

2022 Telly Award

Silver | “In Charge: Life with an Electric Vehicle”

2022 Webby Award nomination

Virtual & Remote, Best Performance | “Bloom”

2022 International Motor Film Awards Nomination

“Defy The Odds”

2021 Addy Award

Silver | “Open the Door to Adventure”

2020 Addy Award

Best of Show, Broadcast | Audi - “Find Your Unforgettable”

2022 W3 Awards Gold

General Video-Documentary

2022 W3 Awards Silver

Juneteenth Designers Video - Stellantis Jeep Grand Wagoneer

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