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Gear Seven Is Available for Video Production Work in Louisville
Gear Seven Is Available for Video Production Work in Louisville

With a newly revamped tax incentive in 2022, Kentucky is looking more attractive as a possible location for upcoming film and video productions.

From "Goldfinger" in 1964 to "The Art of Self Defence" in 2019, the city of Louisville has served as a location for a variety of notable film projects over the years.

Producers can now take advantage of refundable income tax credits of up to 30% in some counties (or 35% in enhanced incentive counties).

If you discover during the pre-production process that you don't have access to all the resources you need in Louisville, there is always a reliable neighbor to the south ready to lend a hand.

Whether you're based in Kentucky or just looking to shoot there, Gear Seven and its partner companies Shift Dynamics and Arc Studios in Nashville, TN, can provide the rental gear, operators, and second unit assistance you need to make your key stakeholders happy.

Gear Seven Is a Video Production Triple Threat

Anyone with a video camera and some editing software can start a video production company. But that doesn't mean they can handle the scope of your video production work.

Gear Seven is a creative video production agency that specializes in shooting music videos and video content for national marketing campaigns. Our video production process is simple: keep it in-house. Our film and video production services cover every aspect of a shoot. And we support film and video productions of any size.

Just because we're set up in Nashville, that doesn't mean we can't be in Louisville for your next video production. We are now at the point where we can offer our video production services throughout the country.

Video Production That Connects with the Target Audience

Creating killer content is our specialty, and we can help you do the same.

Today, Gear Seven in Nashville has its own film production rental house (Shift Dynamics) featuring a fleet of production vehicles and a state-of-the-art virtual video shooting stage (Arc Studios).

Gear Seven is equipped to handle the whole project, whatever that may entail, from pre-production to post-production to your finished video. Our directors, DPs, and top-tier camera equipment will ensure the editing process is an exciting time, not a frustrating one. If you require a video editor or an additional camera team, Gear Seven is standing by.

We can assist in all aspects of film and video production:

  • Commercials
  • Music videos
  • Corporate videos
  • Branded content
  • Video production
  • Video editing
  • Social media videos
  • Marketing videos
  • Film and television series production

Whether your customers watch our work on YouTube or TV, our strategy is always the same; entertain the audience.

Start Planning Your Shoot Down South Today

Your imagination has no borders, and neither should your production.

Did you know that Georgia is the third busiest production hub for film production in the United States? That's impressive, especially considering California and New York occupy the top two spots. The south is where it's at!

Suppose your film or video production is headed to Louisville, Kentucky (or anywhere else in the state). If that's the case, you may require additional camera operators, post-production services, equipment rentals, a wireless dolly system, or even a VR LED shooting stage.

Unfortunately, you may discover that your options are limited. Don't fret, one of the best video production companies in the country isn't that far away. Our team in Nashville is available to take your call.

The Extra Help You Need

Gear Seven provides everything from video editing and on-set production support to equipment rentals for all budgets.

Gear Seven in Nashville, TN, is your dependable out-of-state go-to resource.

Whether you're based in Kentucky or considering the Bluegrass State as a possible location, Gear Seven makes our services available anywhere to complete your pre-production, production phase, and post-production work.

Why Louisville?

Kentucky is a state with beautiful scenery. The landscape features plenty of horse farms, waterways, picturesque small towns, and lots of southern charm. Unlike more jaded centers where filming is an everyday occurrence, the people of Kentucky (much like Tennessee) welcome film and video production with open arms.

You no longer have to bring in crews and equipment from Georgia, Ohio or Louisiana; your neighbors in Tennessee are more than happy to be of service.

Gear Seven and our fellow partners at Arc Studios and Shift Dynamics are well-stocked with the film rental gear, specialty equipment (including cinema robotics), and the required operators to make the most of your shoot.

Gear Seven Provides Added Confidence

Even if you've found a local production company and vendors to work with throughout the three phases of your production in Louisville, it's always good to have a backup on standby. Gear Seven can be that backup.

What happens if the camera footage your seeing isn't satisfactory?

What happens if you need a second unit camera to make your schedule?

Maybe you need extra footage to complete principal photography?

In film and video production, it pays to be prepared. Gear Seven gets you what you need. 

Supporting the Production Phase

Gear Seven (via Shift Dynamics) provides every piece of rental equipment you could ever need during production.

  • Camera systems (Arri Alexa, Sony Venice)
  • Lenses (Leitz, Leica)
  • Wireless video gear
  • Monitors
  • Camera support
  • Matte boxes and more

Need operators or someone to direct? We offer that too.

Improving the Film and Video Production Process

Gear Seven, along with its partnering companies, Arc Studios and Shift Dynamics, provides the ultimate resource for any producer. From music videos to feature films, we've got you covered.

Gear Seven has your video production and editing processes covered.

Arc Studios Virtual studio can take your film and video project to new heights. Access to the facility's virtual LED screen will help you create the special effects shots that will breathe new life into your project and elevate the final product.

Shift Dynamics offers an extensive range of rental equipment you won't find anywhere else. We carry everything from cameras and grip packages to production vehicles and remote dolly systems.

With Gear Seven, you can begin your planning and scouting in confidence. We'll ensure you have everything you need for a successful shoot. 

Contact our team in Nashville today.

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